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  • Nuxe Aroma-Perfection® Masque
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    Τιμή πώλησης με έκπτωση
    Τιμή πώλησης 17,14 €

    Μασκα-peeling προσωπου για λιπαρα/μικτα δερματα με ατελειες. Θερμαντικη δραση,για ανοιγμα των πορων.

    Masque Thermo-Actif Désincrustant Aroma-Perfection®

    Εffective by nature

    This mask has a warming effect that opens up pores to deeply cleanse and unclog the skin, which is gently clarified and exfoliated.

    Precious BENEFITS for my skin

    This mask has a “new skin” formula with a 3-step action for a clear complexion and clarified skin tone:
    1/ Pores are deeply cleansed and unclogged from the first application for 81%* of women.
    2/ Skin texture is refined and smoothed from the first application: 95%*.
    3/ From the first application, excess sebum is absorbed, skin is matified and tone is clarified: 95%*.

    * Dermatological usage tests carried out on 21 volunteers over 28 days using the product twice a day

    Star active INGREDIENTS

    The warming effect of the Thermo-Active Powder opens up pores to deeply cleanse and unclog the skin. The Jojoba micro-spheres melt on the skin to gently exfoliate, while the ground walnut shell exfoliates more intensively. The combination of Zinc, Enantia Chlorantha and Absorbent powders (Kaolin + Rice) absorbs excess sebum for a matifying effect.

    Is this product for me?

    Suitable for women and men who want to take care of their skin. For normal, combination or greasy skins. Ideal for combination or greasy skins.

    Beauty Secret
    Complete Aroma-Perfection® skin care programme:
    - Step 1: Cleanse with Aroma-Perfection® Purifying Cleansing Gel morning and evening
    - Step 2: Purify with Aroma-Perfection® Purifying and Perfecting Skin Lotion morning and evening
    - Step 3: Apply Aroma-Perfection® Anti-Imperfection Care morning and evening
    - Or step 3b: for skins that can become shiny: Apply Aroma-Perfection® Anti-Shine Fluide Prodigieux® in the morning and Aroma-Perfection® Anti-Imperfection Care in the evening.
    - Step 4: Exfoliate with Aroma-Perfection® Unclogging Thermo-Active Mask once or twice a week

    My beauty ritual
    Apply this mask once or twice a week on a damp face, avoiding the eye contour, and enjoy the warming effect. Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes, massage and then rinse off with cool water.

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